Better Running Seminar Series

Included in every “In Training” Class we proudly offer our exclusive, four-part Better Running Seminar Series!!

BRSS includes:

-Good Form Running, taught by an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

-Injury Prevention and Recovery, presented by River City Chiropractic and a licensed massage therapist

-Nutrition for Runners, presented by an avid runner and Sports Nutrition Specialist

-Self Defense for Runners, taught by two martial arts instructors and avid runners/athletes.*


*It is not the intention of SDfR to make anyone into a black belt. Nobody will leave this class a “master” of self defense.  This class is not part of, nor sanctioned by, any formal martial arts school.  It is our intention to teach basic techniques that will decrease the likelihood of you being seriously injured in the event of an attack. Grand Bluff Training, all associated businesses, and the individual volunteer instructors of this seminar assume no liability or responsibility.