Half & Full Marathon “In Training” Class

Twice a year you’re invited to join us for our Half & Full Marathon “In Training” Class!  In February we begin our Grandad Races “In Training” Class, preparing runners for the Grandad Half and Full Marathon.  In July we begin our Fall Races “In Training” Class, getting ready for Mini Donut, Maple Leaf, Sparta, and all the other great fall races.

Our 12 week progressive training plan is designed to be flexible enough for all runners to achieve their goals.  If your race is before the scheduled end of training, we can advise you on how and when to adjust your mileage to get you properly prepared for race-day success!  Also included in Class is our Better Running Seminar Series, helping you be all you can be leading up to race day, and every day after!

*it is recommended that runners be comfortable running 3-4 miles on your own before Class begins, as this program does “hit the ground running”
**Full marathon trainees should be comfortable running 6-7 miles before joining Class