Our mission is to prepare runners of all capabilities to run races of all distances.


Thank you for your interest in Grand Bluff Training!!

Formerly known as the “Granddad Half Marathon In-Training Class”, we were a part of the City of LaCrosse Parks and Recreation Department, as a training program for the Festival Foods Granddad Half Marathon. In January of 2016 Grand Bluff Running assumed responsibility of training runners for both the Granddad and Maple Leaf half marathons, and in October 2016 those training classes became known as Grand Bluff Training.  Starting with just three coaches and 5 class members, we’ve grown to become a company devoted to creating an all-inclusive running community and promoting charity and volunteerism for runners and running events.

At Grand Bluff Training our mission is to prepare runners of all capabilities to run races of all distances.  We focus our Group Runs around training for the two largest LaCrosse area half marathons, Granddad in May and Maple Leaf in Sept/Oct; however we welcome anyone training for any race.  Whether you’re an experienced runner and have a goal of a Personal Record, or new to running and excited to challenge yourself, and of course everyone in between, we have a training plan and a coach for you. Not interested in running the half marathon distance, you’d rather run the 5 Mile or 10k?  That’s awesome, and we’re looking forward to helping you reach your goals! Planning to run a different half marathon, besides Granddad or Maple Leaf, or maybe planning to run a longer race, perhaps a marathon?  Wonderful!!  Our Individual Coaching Services can customize a training plan specifically for your unique training needs!

Group Training consists of three scheduled runs every week for twelve weeks, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, gradually building mileage towards the goal race (Granddad or Maple Leaf, or whatever your goal is)  and also Speed Work Saturday, an extra workout that includes core strength exercises and focuses on building speed and strength along with endurance. Our exclusive Better Running Seminar Series is included throughout each training session, including Good Form Running, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Nutrition for Runners, and Self Defense for Runners.

In February 2018 we began offering our beginners 5k class, Zero to Hero!!  Designed for the aspiring runner who doesn’t know where to start, this 12 week course will guide you through the beginning motions of becoming a runner, including three group runs weekly, “classroom” style seminars about shoes, apparel, cross training, and much more! Also included in Zero to Hero is our  Seminar Series and a moisture wicking “In Training” shirt.

All of our Group Training Coaches are volunteer athletes who are passionate about running and are committed to helping you succeed. Including long-time coaches and Class alumni, our coaches have run together for several years and logged, collectively, hundreds of miles together.  Many Training Class members are alumni of previous Classes and have returned to run with old friends and to make new friends.  As much as we are a Training Group, we’re also a family of runners.  Nobody runs alone, and every run ends with high-fives for everyone.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our Class runs!  Until then, thank you for your interest, and happy training!


-Vern Weisensel

Director, Grand Bluff Training

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor