Mary Kay Lind

Coach Mary Kay Lind:

“Hi, I’m a La Crosse native and was never into running until about 10 years ago. My running journey began when I ran my first 5K on French Island and placed third in my age division. This race sparked a drive to continue to see what I could accomplish through running. I began to run 5K’s and 5 mile races and then in 2010 did the Maple Leaf half marathon. In 2013 I joined Vern in the training group offered through the city at that time (now GBT). With the training group I have accomplished 10+ half marathons and ran many other small races.
Within the past few years, the GBT training group, and the support of my husband, has helped me accomplish goals I never thought possible; like completing  three full marathons and three trail races, and participating in the Goosebumps 6 and 24 Hour Races. I have met so many wonderful, genuine people through the GBT training series and am so grateful for all they have poured into my life.

Personally, running has helped me to stay emotionally healthy as I have had to face life experiences recently that could have launched me in a very different direction. Also, it has helped keep me physically healthy by lowering my cholesterol..

I enjoy yoga, walking my dogs, cooking, and loving on my three grandchildren. A more recent goal I have is to begin exploring the sport of biking.

I am not the fastest runner, but I will be there to encourage, guide, and support you. I want to give back what has been poured into me over the years through the amazing coaches I’ve had the honor of running alongside.

I feel we all can inspire each other, from the fastest runner to the slowest runner, we all are reaching for our personal goals and accomplishing them together…Let the race begin!”