Len & Michelle Pitt

Coaches Hot Dog and Mrs. Hot Dog:

“Hey all, we are Len and Michelle Pitt (AKA the Hot Dogs.) Coach Hot Dog started running long, long ago in high school, then continued into the Navy. Then he took a nice hiatus mostly due to marriage, kids, softball and beer. In the fall of 2010 he experienced a large heart attack which was the motivation needed to return to running. He had already done several 5k’s and a half marathon before I (Mrs. Hot Dog) started running with him. My decision to run stemmed from lack of will power to stop eating. Together we have done several 5k’s, a couple 10k’s, a bunch of half marathons, a marathon, and some 50k’s. We have also participated in Ragnar, Relay Iowa and Goosebumps 24-hour running event. We are looking forward to a fun filled season with lots of positive vibes.”